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MyNapster - Account Shop

Selling 1 month Napster cheap premium accounts!

What is Napster?

Napster lets you play as much music as you want instantly and anywhere. Browse our huge music library of millions of tracks covering every possible genre. The team of music experts make it easy to find your way around so much music, with loads of great features such as programmed radio stations, playlists and recommendations.

What can you do with Napster Premium?

• With the apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, you can listen anywhere you go. Download songs to keep the music playing without a WiFi or cellular connection. You can also use your subscription to play on a computer, various home audio devices, and even in select cars.

• With Napster Premier, you can download as many songs as your device can hold. With Napster unRadio, you can download up to 25 favorites.

• Equalizer function

Among others features!

If you are interested, add me to Discord:  harpuia#2210

Or buy using the Shoppy AUTOBUY below!


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