Uploading Content
Breach Forums will not be held responsible for anything it's users upload or attempt to contribute to the forum. When uploading content to the forum, please refer to this thread in regards to choosing a platform to upload to. All of the sites mentioned in that thread support the uploading of large files. You are fully entitled to link to content hosted on a third party website and we will not be held responsible for what they host. At this moment in time, uploading files to our website is not prohibited to users who are not a part of the administration team for security reasons. What you upload is up to you; please make sure what you upload does not contain anything malicious as this would result in a forum ban and please also make sure it is appropriate to the forum you are posting it in. Please utilize the [hide] tags when linking useful content, so users must reply to your thread to see the content being linked. This is to stop "leechers" which are people who come across our website and don't contribute; instead simply download as much content as they can and sometimes share it to their own communities.

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